Feeding cows: how to get the maximum result?

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To ensure high productivity, it is important to follow the rules of keeping and feeding cows. Regardless of where they are kept (at home or on a farm), the requirements will be the same: a well-maintained and insulated room, constant access to clean water, frequent litter change, and a quality ventilation system. In such conditions, cattle will feel comfortable, which will reduce the risk of animal disease and deterioration of milk quality.

Proper maintenance and feeding of cows

Proper maintenance and feeding of cows is the key to increasing milk productivity, reducing costs per unit of feed and increasing farm income.

– As practice shows, juicy forages, hay, root crops and vegetables cannot fully meet the needs of cattle in minerals, amino acids, macro- and microelements. Here it is worth mentioning the following figures: the volume of blood flowing through the mammary gland in lactating cows reaches 500-600 liters (for the formation of 1 kg of milk), which indicates a tense metabolism. If the amount of nutrients in the diet is insufficient to cover the energy consumption, it will lead to a decrease in the productivity of the animals. During the pregnancy period, this need remains just as high, because a lot of mineral and organic substances are consumed for the growth of the fetus. With their deficit, the probability of giving birth to weak calves and deterioration of the cow’s condition increases dramatically.

And this scenario can be prevented by introducing special products into the diet.

Premixes for lactating animals

Keeping and feeding cows during the milking period requires increasing their milk productivity. The assortment of the company “Mustang Feeding Technologies” includes several series of premixes “Kaufit”: “Premium” – allows you to reduce ketone bodies in milk and blood, increase detoxification, anti-inflammatory and hepatoprotective properties; “Immuno Fertil” – makes up for the lack of minerals and vitamins, activates the immune system; “Mix” – its action is aimed at stimulating rumination and rumen microflora, normalizing the energy metabolism of the liver, reducing the effects of temperature stress; “Extra” – is used for individuals with a productivity of more than 10,000 kg per lactation, acts as a prevention of gynecological diseases, to strengthen the hoof horn, normalize metabolic processes, etc.

Premixes for dry cows

This is the Kaufit Dry line, which consists of 4 products: Dry Plus, Extra, Dry Complete and Dry. The addition of premixes to the diet allows you to fill the needs of dry animals in minerals and amino acids. This significantly increases the likelihood of giving birth to healthy and large calves, as well as minimizes the risk of postpartum complications.

Concentrates for lactating animals

The housing and feeding of cows during the milking period also requires the introduction of concentrates. Mustang Feeding Technologies offers several types of concentrates that differ in the content of proteins, vitamins, minerals, urea and other indicators. The choice of product is determined by the health of the animal, its productivity and the goals set by the farm. There are concentrates aimed at reducing the departure of highly productive individuals, eliminating lameness, reducing the risk of acidosis, etc.

Energy supplements

In stall and free-range housing, a problem may arise in the form of fatty liver syndrome. Kaustart energy supplement will help to fight it, which is also a prophylactic agent against acidosis and ketosis. If it is necessary to reduce the cows’ mortality and live weight loss, to reduce the concentration of ketone bodies in the blood, to prevent the likelihood of lameness, ketosis and acidosis, the unique development of the company – the energy supplement “LactoNeo” will help.

Feed additives

Keeping and feeding cows reaches a qualitatively new level if special feed additives are introduced into the diet: – We have developed several lines with a unique composition, each of which solves certain problems. Thus, “Rumenbuffer” and “Rumenbuffer Plus” not only restore normal rumination, but also help to improve the digestibility of fiber and optimize the pH of the rumen. An excellent tool to increase the amount of milk fat in milk – Kaufresh.

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