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There are two ways to decorate New Year’s salads. The first is to cook such salads, the recipes of which provide for giving the dish a certain shape and appearance. The second is to beautifully decorate olivier, “Mimosa” and others that have already become “classics” of festive cooking.

Beautiful salads for the new year 2023

The simplest and most popular “decor” for salads is mayonnaise. Sometimes decorations from the components of the salad are added to it. And aerobatics can be called cooking a dish in the form of a plant or animal. Let’s try to decorate beautiful salads for the new year 2023 and the golden ten will help you with this, not forgetting the symbols of the coming year – Rabbit and Cat.

Salad “Hedgehog” with smoked sausage

hedgehog salad

You will need: 300 g of smoked sausage, 300 g of Korean carrots, 200 g of pickled mushrooms, 200 g of hard cheese, 4 boiled chicken eggs, 1 onion, salt, spices and mayonnaise to taste, herbs and black olives for decoration, vegetable oil for frying onions.

Preparation. Cut the sausage into slices or strips. Chop the boiled eggs in any convenient way. Peel the onion, cut into strips, fry in vegetable oil and cool. Grate the cheese on a coarse grater.

Lay out the salad in layers. The first layer is fried onions mixed with sausage and mayonnaise. This layer should be laid out in the form of a hedgehog figure (to immediately give the salad a shape). Then put the mushrooms, after draining the brine from them. A few mushrooms are left to decorate the salad.

The next layer is chopped boiled eggs. They need to be salted, peppered and drizzled with mayonnaise. Sprinkle the salad generously with grated cheese on top, keeping the shape of a hedgehog. Then cover two thirds of the salad well with carrots, leaving the “face” uncovered.

Put a few mushrooms on the hedgehog’s “back”, and make “eyes” and “nose” from black olives. Garnish the finished salad with herbs.

Pomegranate bracelet salad with chicken and walnuts


You will need: 200 g of boiled or baked chicken fillet, 300 g of boiled beets, 100 g of walnuts, 3 boiled eggs, 2 boiled potatoes, 1 carrot, salt and mayonnaise to taste, 1 pomegranate for decoration.

Preparation. Cut the fillet arbitrarily, cut the potatoes into cubes. Grate carrots and boiled chicken eggs separately on a coarse grater. Do the same with beets.

Place a glass in the center of the salad bowl. Arrange the chicken fillet in the form of a ring around it. Pour this layer with mayonnaise. Put a layer of boiled carrots on top and pour mayonnaise over it. Then put the potatoes and lightly crush them with a spoon. Drizzle with mayonnaise again. Put the boiled eggs in the next layer. Salt this layer to taste.

Chop the walnuts a little and sprinkle them over the salad. Put grated beets on top of them and pour mayonnaise again. Spread the pomegranate seeds evenly on the surface of the salad, and then gently remove the glass from the center.

Salad “Sunshine” with beets and prunes


You will need: 1 boiled beetroot, 2 potatoes boiled in their skins, 1 apple, 150 g prunes, 3 boiled eggs, 70-80 g of hard cheese, 20 g of any nuts, 1/3 of a red onion, 1-2 cloves of garlic, salt, spices, herbs, mayonnaise and sour cream to taste.

Preparation. Mix sour cream and mayonnaise to taste, adding salt, spices and finely chopped herbs if necessary.

Peel the potatoes, grate on a coarse grater. Put in a salad bowl with the bottom layer. Apply the sauce.

Combine grated apple with onion, chopped into strips. Mix well and toss them together. Put this composition in the salad as the next layer.

The third layer is grated eggs, the fourth – walnuts. You can smear mayonnaise on each layer or only some of them.

Put the grated cheese on a coarse grater in the next layer and pour over the salad again. Using chopped prunes, make the “head” and “tail” of the ladybug. Fill the rest of the space with beets mixed with sauce. Using the sauce and prune slices, make the ladybug “eyes”. Garnish the salad with greens when serving.

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Salad “Cat” for the New Year


You will need: 200 g of boiled rice, 200 g of boiled or any other sausage, 3 boiled eggs, 3 salted or pickled gherkins, mayonnaise and salt to taste, vegetables and herbs for decoration.

Preparation. Divide the boiled rice into two parts. Put one of them on a flat dish, giving it the shape of a cat’s face. Put the sausage cut into small strips on the rice, and on top of it – the same sliced gherkins. If necessary, salt the layers of salad and spread with mayonnaise. Put the top layer of rice, and make the “eyes”, “nose” and other parts of the cat’s face from vegetables and herbs.

Salad “Octopus” with red fish and caviar


You will need: 200 g of salted red fish, 100 g of red caviar, 1 cup of boiled rice, 1 onion, 5 boiled eggs, mayonnaise and herbs to taste.

Preparation. This salad is also laid out in layers. Put the rice first, forming an octopus shape. Pour this layer with mayonnaise. On top of it put red fish cut into small pieces and finely chopped onion, and then boiled eggs cut with an egg slicer. Pour the salad well with mayonnaise and, if possible, coat the top layer with it. Spread the red caviar evenly on the surface of the salad and make octopus “eyes” in any convenient way.

Salad “Grouse nest”

You’re gonna need these: 200 g boiled chicken fillet or any other meat, 2 boiled chicken eggs, 4 boiled quail eggs, 3 potatoes, 1-2 fresh cucumbers, 3 tbsp. l. vegetable oil, salt, spices, herbs and mayonnaise to taste.

Preparation. Cut the potatoes into small strips and fry in vegetable oil until tender, adding salt and spices to taste. Using a paper towel, blot the excess oil.

All salad ingredients, except quail eggs, cut randomly, put in a deep bowl. Season with salt, mayonnaise and mix. Put the salad in the shape of a nest on a dish. Fill its center with greens and put quail eggs on it. Cover the remaining free surface with fried potatoes.

Salad “Red poppies” with chicken

You’ll need them: for salad – 300 g of boiled chicken fillet, 300 g of raw mushrooms, 150 g of hard cheese, 100 g of pitted black olives, 2-3 tomatoes, 2 tbsp. l. vegetable oil, salt, spices and mayonnaise to taste; for decoration – black pitted olives, cherry tomatoes, dill, poppy seeds.

Preparation. Cut the mushrooms into several pieces and fry over high heat in vegetable oil until crispy. Cut boiled fillet and tomatoes for salad into cubes, grate cheese on a coarse grater. Drain the marinade from the olives and cut them into rings.

Put the salad in layers – fillet, mushrooms, tomatoes and olives. Spread each layer or some of them (optional) with mayonnaise. Sprinkle the salad generously with grated cheese.

Divide the dill into branches, cut the washed cherry tomatoes into thin slices, cut the olives in half for decoration. Put the listed components on the surface of the cheese “maki”. Sprinkle the “cups of flowers” in the center with poppy seeds.

You can also give an unusual shape and decorate in an original way any other salad, including quite famous ones.

Salad “Fir-tree”

You will need: 500 g of any vegetable, meat or fish salad, fresh green onions or dill, pomegranate seeds and corn to taste.

Preparation. Put the salad on a serving dish, giving it the shape of a fir tree. Sprinkle the “Christmas tree” generously with finely chopped green onions or dill. Make a star-shaped top of bell pepper, and lay garlands of pomegranate and corn grains.

Green onions or dill can perfectly “disguise” the usual olivier.

Salad “Snowman”

You will need: 500 g of any lettuce, 2-3 boiled egg whites, 1 boiled carrot, 2 pitted black olives, 1 cherry tomato, herbs to taste.

Preparation. Sprinkle the puff salad with boiled egg whites, grated on a coarse grater. Make the eyes and mouth of the “snowman” from olives, the nose from boiled carrots. Cut the tomatoes in half and make them into “cheeks”, and use the greens as a “hairstyle” and decor.

Salad with rabbit figure

You will need: 500 g of “Mimosa” or any other fish salad, 3 boiled chicken eggs, 1 clove bud or peppercorn.

Preparation. Separate the whites from the yolks as in the classic Mimosa recipe. Sprinkle chopped egg yolks on the surface of the salad, and in the center form a rabbit shape from grated egg whites. Make an eye for the rabbit from a clove bud or peppercorn.

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But these salads are served to the New Year’s table most often, because they are good salads for the new year 2023.

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