New Year’s salads are cut, ingredients for snacks are prepared, and soon hot dishes will wait their turn. Now it remains only to beautifully serve the festive table and organize the original serving of dishes. How to decorate the table for the New Year quickly and with your own hands?

Most housewives will be able to cook delicious New Year’s dishes. But the original design of the festive table and food on it is a special additional skill. It will certainly be duly “appreciated” by the symbols of 2023 – Rabbit and Cat. And, of course, all those whom you invite to the holiday.

There are two main ways to decorate the New Year’s table – to serve it tastefully and to decorate festive dishes beautifully. And now let’s talk about it in more detail.

Serving and decorating the table for the New Year 2023

Serving and decorating the table for the New Year 2023

If just covering the table with a beautiful tablecloth is not your option, then you can go two other ways. The first is to think over the color scheme of dishes, textiles, candles and decor, focusing on the fact that the year of the Black Water Rabbit (Cat) is coming. The second is not to pay too much attention to this issue, but to choose the decor with taste.

When decorating the New Year’s table in 2023, designers recommend opting for such colors as blue, silver, pearl and gold. Black and white can be present in the color scheme, but should not be the main accents.

Two more “features” of the future feast in terms of design are negligence and minimalism. Therefore, do not be too zealous to roll the napkins into a tube or cone – just spread them on the table. The same applies to twigs of coniferous trees, cones, candles, vases and all other decorations. It is also not necessary to fill half of the table with them – it is better to choose two or three different elements and place them on the table, without worrying too much about symmetry. If you decide to place the decoration in the center of the table, do it with a certain amount of carelessness. For example, scatter spruce or pine branches, place a few Christmas decorations or garland nearby.

You should opt for dishes made of natural materials. By the way, if your kitchen table is made of wood, then you do not need to cover it with a tablecloth – napkins, paths or substrates will be enough. New Year’s table decoration in eco-style is also in the trend of 2023, as well as country and Scandinavian style. However, you should not mix all styles at once. Choose one that you especially like.

Decoration of dishes for the New Year’s table 2023

New Year’s, like any festive table, “begins” with salads and cold snacks. Their serving can be beautifully “beaten”, and it will also become part of the table decoration.

Layered salads will look more attractive if you decorate them with greens, pomegranate and corn grains or figures cut out of vegetables. Grated cheese looks good on salads.

There are some simple rules for serving salads. Thus, those that are usually stirred, it is better to cook them using a form for laying out. And dishes for serving to the table can be additionally decorated with a picture or with a pastry syringe to make an inscription using any sauce.

Cold appetizers of meat, fish, sausage, vegetables, eggs and other products can be easily decorated with beautifully chopped vegetables. It can be, for example, flowers, animals or boats. We have dedicated a separate article to the ideas of decorating dishes for beginners.

Give the sandwiches the shape of a rabbit, a cat, as well as any other New Year’s attributes.

Do not forget about tartlets: this form of serving festive dishes to the table diversifies the serving of food and makes it look neater. Another type of snack is pita bread with filling. The latter can be very diverse. For example, cottage cheese, garlic and herbs or sausage, hard cheese and Korean carrots or soft cheese, sprats and omelet.

Dishes served in tartlets, as well as pita bread with stuffing, which has been infused in the refrigerator, should be eaten first, as the dough gets wet and loses its dense texture.

Even if you are not strong in the art of carving and decorating salads, fresh herbs will help you out. Just divide dill, parsley or other herbs into sprigs and decorate with them the dishes of the New Year’s table – both cold snacks and hot dishes.

And there are also original solutions for New Year’s desserts 2023.

New Year’s desserts in 2023: What to bake for the festive table in the Year of the Rabbit and the Cat

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