Modern village and village of the future: Problems of the Ukrainian village

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We asked the survey participants the same question: “What are the problems of the Ukrainian village today? And what solutions do you see?” Our lands are endless, the situation in the regions is very different. How do you live in the countryside, like-minded people? Yes, the material is also interesting for city residents. Not everyone knows what it is like outside the cities with millions of inhabitants. After all, “we are all on the same submarine”.

The problems of the village are that  it does not fit into the format  of the current world order in its old form. Previously, the village was just a habitual way of life for people, there was simply no other. Then there were collective farms, where villages held on. But even then they were gathered to the economic centers and strengthened. Workers’ villages appeared everywhere.

Currently, the village is practically not involved in the production of food for the country’s inhabitants concentrated in cities. Food is produced by agricultural holdings with minimal use of human labor. And villagers grow food primarily for themselves, and buy something from agricultural holdings themselves. Only a few people live by agriculture or sell their surplus.

How to solve this problem?

The first thing that comes to mind is: is it necessary? Cities are gradually becoming more comfortable for living. In cities it is easier to mix goods and resources. Multi-storey buildings are cheaper than private ones. The quality of public transport is improving, leading to fewer cars. In the city it is easier to provide jobs within walking distance. It is much easier to pave city streets than to make roads to villages where even a thousand people live. After all, most often it is several hundred residents or dozens. I am not talking about rural sidewalks, gasification and electrification. In a market economy, all these measures are unprofitable.

Villages are transformed into various rural facilities. In family farms, eco-settlements, cottage villages of interest, farms. All this is possible in modern realities, as alternative energy sources are developing, modern technologies allow to provide comfort in the countryside at the city level. The availability of the Internet allows you to work remotely and receive various services. I think that villages in their past form will soon be completely gone, but there will be what I described above – the village of the future. With comfort, with interesting people, with a choice of professions, the possibility of education, access to the cultural matrix. And cities will become more comfortable for people, there are already examples of this in developed countries. Where to live in the village or city is up to you!

There are two main problems of the village for us

The first is in selling what we do. If not through the Internet, then you have to go to the city, spend money and time on fairs. There is also customer demand in our village, but, of course, I make the price a little lower.

The second problem, for example, is to find a job with a salary higher than the minimum wage.

I think those who plan to move to the village for permanent residence should have some passive income. Remote earnings or financial cushion. It is worth mastering some craft – mending clothes, shoes, weaving baskets. Something else that can be exchanged for food or other services. Barter in the province is relevant.

After a long wandering around the country, in my old age, I returned to my Motherland. I have been living in the countryside for many years. Somehow I gradually realized that I was fabulously rich. There are mountains around me, with mushrooms, berries and nuts. My streams and rivers with my fish gurgle on the slopes. Seven hundred meters from the house there is my wonderful waterfall, and under it there is a lagoon for swimming, which no artificial pool, no oligarch can compare with. In winter, I have my ski tracks – seven kilometers along the river. Naturally, I allow the use of these skis and fellow villagers. To these fabulous riches, as it turned out, one must also have bread and butter. And I decided to do, in addition to the garden, also beekeeping, to break from bread to honey.

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