Tourist villages in Ukraine: From the Carpathians to the Crimea, from Polissya to the Black Sea, here is a list of 10 unbeatable Ukrainian villages that are perfect for admiring the country’s diverse beauty.

If you’re planning a trip to Ukraine, don’t forget to consider these Ukrainian villages. “To visit them is to participate in the beauty of Ukraine while helping to preserve these magical places,” writes Village Life.

While clichéd narratives may suggest that these places are on the road to extinction, Village argues that this is not the case. “They are not soulless stones. With proper care, they can stay alive for a long time,” he says.

Village Life has selected for you the top 10 villages – a list that will probably consist of some well-known default favorites – and not just those that are most in danger of extinction. Instead, we wanted to compile a list of 10 great villages from all over Ukraine with an interesting characteristic, unique appeal, or intriguing side.

“Small towns are the backbone of the country,” says the Village Life project. However, there are hundreds of other Ukrainian villages that deserve to be on this list, so consider this a start rather than a final ranking.

Tourist villages in Ukraine – list

Ukraine is not only about big cities, castles, monuments and museums. Ukraine is also about charming villages that have preserved their authenticity, beauty and spirit. They are waiting for you to give you unforgettable impressions, emotions, and memories. Are you ready to discover 10 underrated Ukrainian villages to add to your travel bucket list? Then read on!

The village of Stina – as an invaluable find of our time (Tulchyn district)

село стіна, села україни список
село Стіна, як неоціненна знахідка сьогодення

Stina is a mysterious village in the southern Vinnytsia region, hiding among the labyrinth of streets and beams along the winding canyon of the Rusava River. The village has a variety of gastronomic traditions, and the recipes are passed down from generation to generation.

Stanyanskaya poured porridge, wine from sverbius and traditional krovyanka will find their connoisseur of Ukrainian cuisine. Cyclists, rock climbers and camping enthusiasts – everyone will find something to do in Stina.

It will surprise you with its ancient monuments and mysterious history, which is hidden in the walls of an ancient church, on the hills of the mountains or hidden in a sleepy meadow.

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St. Mikulos

Замок Сент-Мікулош, села україни список

Szent Mikulos is a village in the Zakarpattia region, which is famous for its incredible castle. Szent Mikulos Castle was built in the 15th century and belonged to the Schönborn family, which was one of the most influential in Hungary. The castle has Gothic, Renaissance and Baroque styles, as well as a rich history, legends and mysteries.

The castle is surrounded by a beautiful park where you can see rare plants, animals and birds. St. Mikulos is a place where you can feel the true atmosphere of the Middle Ages.


Пирятин, села україни список

Pyriatyn is a village in the Poltava region that has a rich and glorious history. Here you can see monuments of architecture, culture, and art, such as the Holy Assumption Cathedral, Pyriatyn Castle, Pyriatyn Museum, Pyriatyn Lyceum, Pyriatyn Theater, and Pyriatyn Park.

Here you can also learn about prominent people who were born or lived in Pyriatyn, such as Ivan Kotliarevskyi, Mykola Gogol, Panas Myrnyi, Ivan Nechuy-Levytskyi, Mykola Lysenko, Lesia Ukrainka. Pyriatyn is a place where you can feel the true spirit of Ukrainian culture.


Палац в Качанівці
Фото: Wikipedia

Kachanivka is a village in the Chernihiv region that is known for its majestic palace. The Kachanivka Palace was built in the 18th century and belonged to the Tarnovsky family, which was one of the richest and most educated in the Russian Empire.

The palace has a classicist style and a rich collection of paintings, sculptures, furniture, books, and musical instruments. The palace is surrounded by a charming park where you can see ancient temples, chapels, grottoes, lakes, and fountains. Kachanivka is a place where you can feel the true spirit of aristocracy.


Penkivka (Tulchyn district)

село Пеньківка Вінниччина

Penkivka is a village in the Vinnytsia region, Tomashpil district, which impresses with its attractiveness, customs and friendliness. Learn more about this village, how to organize a trip to Penkivka, what to visit, what to do there, and how to enjoy the rural landscape.

More about the village:
Overview of the village of Penkovka with interesting history, tourist locations. Bald Mountain with a witch’s legend


криворівня фото, села україни список

Kryvorivnia is a village in the Ivano-Frankivsk region that is considered one of the centers of Hutsul culture. Visit traditional Hutsul houses, churches, museums, crafts, costumes, dances, and music.

Here you can enjoy the magnificent scenery of the Carpathians, walk through forests, mountains, rivers, and waterfalls. Kryvorivnia is a place where you can feel the true spirit of the Hutsul region.


село Опішня, села україни список

Opishnia is a village in the Poltava region that is the world capital of pottery. Here you can see traditional pottery workshops that produce incredible clay products, such as dishes, toys, whistles, sculptures, and souvenirs.

Here you can also visit the National Museum of Ukrainian Pottery, which displays more than 20,000 exhibits from different regions of Ukraine. Opishnia is a place where you can feel the true spirit of folk art.



Космач, села україни список

Kosmach is a village in the Ivano-Frankivsk region that is the birthplace of Ukrainian forestry. Here you can see old wooden houses, churches, and mills built from local wood.

Visit the Forest Museum, where you will learn about the history, traditions, technologies, and ecology of forestry. Kosmach is a place where you can feel the true spirit of forest beauty.

Stara Guta

село Стара Гута, села україни список
Tourist villages in Ukraine

Stara Huta is a village in the Rivne region, which is the pearl of Polissia. Here you can see the largest lake in Ukraine, Lake Svityaz, which has clear water, sandy beaches, and healing properties.

Enjoy the beauty of the Polissia Nature Reserve, where you can see unique flora and fauna, such as beavers, moose, wolves, storks, cranes, orchids, and hogweed. Stara Huta is a place where you can feel the true spirit of a natural paradise.

Oleksandrivskyi Park (Blahodatne village, Tulchyn district)

село Благодатне Тульчинського району,села україни список

It was founded at the end of the XIX century in the estate of Countess Benet. The park covers an area of 11.3 hectares, where 80 species of trees (white spruce, swamp oak, red oak, Canadian boxwood, broadleaf linden, black pine, weeping ash, dogwood, edible chestnut) and shrubs (four-seeded hawthorn, bulldeneck viburnum, snow berry, jasmine) grow.

The park has three reservoirs with a system of dams.

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